Lorentz Center - New directions in Dynamical Systems from 7 Dec 2009 through 11 Dec 2009
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    New directions in Dynamical Systems
    from 7 Dec 2009 through 11 Dec 2009

This workshop is in part to celebrate Henk Broer’s 60-th birthday

This workshop will focus on a number of active research areas within dynamical systems, some of which have played an important role in the work of Henk Broer.

Dynamical Systems is a rather unusual area within mathematics, both because of its connections with so many branches of mathematics as well because of its rather wide field of applications. This meeting will bring together topics in Hamiltonian systems, stochastic aspects of dynamics, ergodic theory and applications. The workshop will have a small number of overview talks, which will enable a quick way to get an impression of the main issues in several active research areas.

We list the topics the symposium will cover in keywords.


  • Quasi-periodic motion, KAM theory, mechanics.


  • Bifurcation theory, applied analysis, numerical analysis.


  • Ergodic theory, nonhyperbolic dynamics.


  • Nonautonomous systems, stochastic and random perturbations of dynamical systems.


In the Netherlands there is traditionally considerable strenght in research areas covered by the keywords quasi-periodic motion, KAM theory, Hamiltonian systems, as well as bifurcation theory, applied analysis and numerical analysis. Henk Broer has important contributions in these fields.

There are strong connections between ergodic theory, nonhyperbolic dynamics, nonautonomous dynamics and random dynamics; the research requires tools from probability theory as well as dynamics. These fields are hot items in recent research in theoretical dynamics and random and stochastic aspects are also quickly gaining relevance in applications.