Lorentz Center - New directions in Dynamical Systems from 7 Dec 2009 through 11 Dec 2009
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    New directions in Dynamical Systems
    from 7 Dec 2009 through 11 Dec 2009


The aim of this workshop was to bring together various research groups, within the Netherlands and abroad, of people working broadly within the field of dynamical systems. Over the last 30 years dynamical systems has become more and more a mature subject with groups of researchers specialising in specific topics. This workshop aimed to give overviews on a number of active research areas within dynamical systems, ranging from Hamiltonian systems, bifurcation theory, ergodic theory, problems related to statistical mechanics and coupled maps. One result of this approach was that researchers within the Netherlands in related fields had an opportunity to learn what others were doing and to interact. To facilitate communication between different directions in dynamical systems the talks were scheduled for 1 hour (including discussion). As a result the relevance of theory developed in these areas to the other areas was highlighted.

The final day was partly devoted to complexity. It started with a presentation by Prof. MacKay, head of the complexity centre in Warwick University, on the relevance of dynamics to complexity. Prof. Doelman, director of the Lorentz centre, reviewed the developments in the Netherlands. This was followed by a lively panel discussion on complexity and future directions in dynamics. Discussions centred around the difficulties of working in an interdisciplinary fashion (where the publish, how to understand each other's language). It was extremely pleasing that the discussion became rather constructive, trying to find solutions to these challenges rather than to focus only on the difficulties. Also specific areas on mathematics should concentrate were proposed and discussed.

The organizers carefully selected speakers so that they reflected interests of Dutch mathematicians, but that also some other strands of research which are prominent internationally would be represented. There were about 66 participants, about 1/3 were Dutch mathematicians, both young as well as senior researchers.

The organizers are planning to publish proceedings of the workshop, dedicated in honour of Prof. Broer's 60th birthday. The editors of "Regular and Chaotic Dynamics" have agreed to publish these proceedings.

Many junior researchers from the Netherlands attended the workshop, and found the opportunity to ask questions to leading researchers very useful.

Most participants had extremely lively discussions during the workshop, and a few people even started new research projects during the workshop. One of the outcomes of the workshop was that many researchers met people in related fields, got a different perspective on their own work, and most likely several people's research will be influenced by discussions during the workshop.

Participants were enthusiastic about the hospitality and facilities provided by the Lorentz Center. The organizers want to thank the staff at the Lorentz Center for making it so easy to organize this meeting. Financial support was provided by KNAW, Stieltjes Institute, NDNS+, Foundation Compositio Mathematica, FOM, the European Framework 6 Network CODY and the Lorentz Center.