Lorentz Center - Evolution of galaxies from mass selected samples from 9 Nov 2009 through 13 Nov 2009
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    Evolution of galaxies from mass selected samples
    from 9 Nov 2009 through 13 Nov 2009



Scientific Report


The workshop brought together several groups working on galaxy evolution and galaxy formation. This is a topic which is developing very rapidly with the new observational capabilities and new  theoretical insights.  On the observational side, the workshop was focussed on near-ir selected samples. These samples are the only samples which can lead to proper mass selected samples.  Many presentations were given highlighting the newest results in the field, especially those using medium band filters to determine accurate photometric redshifts and spectral energy distribution of the galaxies.  In addition, "hot" results from the WF3 camera, recently installed on the Hubble Space Telescope, were reported.

Theoretical and interpretational results were reported which help us to understand these results.  Ample time was left open for work and discussion (about half the time).  These work sessions were extremely productive: thank to the fact that all participants have a desk and internet connection, they could immediately follow up new ideas and suggestions. Overall, the workshop was very successful. The fantastic facilities of the Lorentz Center allow this unique combination of informal presentations, discussions, and actual work - and the meeting was a true "workshop" in that regard. It is a pleasure to thank the staff of the Lorentz Center for their excellent support, and it is a pleasure to thank the Lorentz Center for the overall support for this meeting.