Lorentz Center - Analysing first imaging data from LOFAR from 25 Jan 2010 through 29 Jan 2010
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    Analysing first imaging data from LOFAR
    from 25 Jan 2010 through 29 Jan 2010




Room: Gratama, 331


Schedule: Monday

Start 11:00hrs


Mieke Schutte: Introduction to the Lorentz center


Review status of the entire LOFAR hard and software system

Michael Wise: LOFAR status

Joris  van Zwieten: BBS

Ger van Diepen:  Imager

David Rafferty: Flagging

Bas vd Tol: Ionospheric calibration in BBS

Huib Intema: Recent developments

Reinout van Weeren: BBS data reduction, an example

George Heald: Summary of available data sets

George Heald: Issues for this week

Neal Jackson: Planning Of this this week


During the next days, the new data related to the 3 projects mentioned will be reduced. The following steps the need to be carried out:

(i)    initial calibration,

(ii)  ionospheric and beam calibration,

(iii) mapping and deconvolution and

(iv) source extraction and characterisation.


This will be done in small groups each tackling aspects of the reduction for the 3 projects. While doing this, we aim to further progress towards

(i)    how to  adequately carry out interference excision,

(ii)  understanding the complexity of ionospheric models needed for calibration,

(iii) determining the stability and number of degrees of freedom of the beamshapes.


With this in hand, the the ultimate aim is to

(i)  define ionospheric and RFI  conditions that are acceptable for obtaining adequate observations and

(ii) optimise the critical input parameters of the reduction pipeline.


Every day we will start with a plenary session where results are discussed and work is planned for the next day. During the final day, we will review how far we have advanced with the reduction of the LOFAR data. Plans will be made how to continue the work after the workshop. And finally, we will discuss in detail the first images and discuss whether initial publications might be warranted.



Wednesday 27 January 2010

Social event: 19:00hrs

dinner@De Regentenkamer

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