Lorentz Center - The Interface of Integrability and Quantization from 12 Apr 2010 through 16 Apr 2010
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    The Interface of Integrability and Quantization
    from 12 Apr 2010 through 16 Apr 2010

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Gleb Arutyunov(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Guido Carlet(Coimbra, Portugal)
Ozgur Ceyhan(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Vyjayanthi Chari(Riverside, United States)
Leonid Chekhov(Moscow, Russia)
Neelu Choudhary(-, Belgium)
Vladimir Dobrev(Sofia, Bulgaria)
Ruth Haas(Northampton, MA, United States)
Tamas Hausel( Oxford, United Kingdom)
Loek Helminck(Raleigh, United States)
Gerard Helminck(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Sergey Igonin(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Paul Kersten(Enschede, Netherlands)
Arthemy Kiselev(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Stefan Kolb(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Joseph Krasilshchik(Moscow, Russia)
Andrey Marshakov(Moscow, Russia)
Michal Marvan(Opava, Czech Republic)
Andrei Mironov(Moscow, Russia)
Bernard Nienhuis(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Vladimir Poberezhny(Moscow, Russia)
Andrei Pogrebkov(Moscow, Russia)
Svetlana Polenkova(Enschede, Netherlands)
Hessel Posthuma(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Thomas Quella(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Marc Rosso(Paris, France)
Volodya Roubtsov(Angers, France)
Gerald Schwarz(Waltham, United States)
Sergey Shadrin(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Jasper Stokman(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Alessandro Torrielli(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Johan van de Leur(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Pierre van Moerbeke(Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
Alexander Verbovetsky(Moscow, Russia)
Raffaele Vitolo(Lecce, Italy)
Anton Zabrodin(Moscow, Russia)