Lorentz Center - 4th European Women in Mathematics Summer School from 6 Jun 2011 through 10 Jun 2011
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    4th European Women in Mathematics Summer School
    from 6 Jun 2011 through 10 Jun 2011


Involvement of the participants


During the summer school the participants will be actively involved, especially in the activities listed below. The problem solving sessions and the mini workshop on History in Mathematics are planned in parallel and you are asked to mark your preference on the registration form. This is only to have an indication of the number of participants interested in each topic; the definitive choice can be made at the summer school.



·         Problem solving session 

For each of the topics Logic and Geometry, several problems will be posted on the first day of the summer school to be worked on during the week. During the problem solving sessions some of the senior researchers will be present to discuss the problems with the participants. The results will be presented in a concluding session on Friday.



·        Mini workshop on History of Mathematics - Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen

In this workshop we will discuss aspects of the history of the calculus.  We will read some source materials on methods of tangents and quadratures from the 1600s, some texts by Newton and Leibniz and some material from Cauchy’s textbook from the 1800s. How much we will cover depends on the number of participants. Different views of mathematics and rigour through time will be discussed along with some historiographical issues. The workshop can be followed by all participants whether they are familiar with the history of mathematics or not.



·        Presentation session

To practice presentation skills and to get to know each other, there will be a session in which the participants present their own research. For this session the participants are split up in small groups based on related research interests. Each group will be accompanied by a senior researcher who will provide feedback.

All participants are asked to prepare a 10-15 minute talk for this session. The presentation may be accompanied by slides.