Lorentz Center - Language Development in Childhood and Adolescence from 9 Jan 2012 through 13 Jan 2012
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    Language Development in Childhood and Adolescence
    from 9 Jan 2012 through 13 Jan 2012

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Katinka Beker(Leiden, Netherlands)
Harrie Boelens(Leiden, Netherlands)
Yiya Chen(Leiden, Netherlands)
Lisa Cheng(Leiden, Netherlands)
Eveline Crone(Leiden, Netherlands)
Peter de Jong(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Meinou de Vries(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Giorgos Dritsakis(Oegstgeest, Netherlands)
Gladys Fanoiki(Leiden, Netherlands)
Paula Fikkert(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Anne Helder(Leiden, Netherlands)
Bart Hollebrandse(Groningen, Netherlands)
Hilde Huizenga(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Sietske Kleibeuker(Leiden, Netherlands)
Astrid Kraal(Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Paul Leseman(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Claartje Levelt(Leiden, Netherlands)
Bruce McCandliss(Nashville, TN, United States)
Jane Oakhill(Brighton, United Kingdom)
Marja Oudega(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Sandy Overgaauw(Leiden, Netherlands)
Charles Perfetti(Pittsburgh, United States)
Sabine Peters(Leiden, Netherlands)
Fenna Poletiek(Leiden, Netherlands)
Maartje Raijmakers(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Nadira Saab(Leiden, Netherlands)
Margot Schel(Leiden, Netherlands)
Niels Schiller(Leiden, Netherlands)
Bradley Schlaggar(Saint Louis, Missouri, United States)
Merel Schrijver(The Hague, Netherlands)
Antonella Sorace(Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Susan Sullivan(Brighton, United Kingdom)
Sita ter Haar(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Elsje van Bergen(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Madelon van den Boer(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Paul van den Broek(Leiden, Netherlands)
Anne van der Kant(Wilrijk, Belgium)
Maurits van der Molen(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Menno van der Schoot(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Merel van Goch(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Linda van Leijenhorst(Leiden, Netherlands)
Marcel Veenman(Leiden, Netherlands)
Ludo Verhoeven(Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Alecia Vogel(Saint Louis, United States)
Stephanie Wassenburg(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Geert-Jan Will(Leiden, Netherlands)
Meni Yeari(Leiden, Netherlands)
Maaike Zeguers(Amsterdam, Netherlands)