Lorentz Center - Physics with Industry from 19 Nov 2012 through 23 Nov 2012
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    Physics with Industry
    from 19 Nov 2012 through 23 Nov 2012



Description and aim

After last year's highly successful Physics with Industry workshop, we will organise a new workshop with five new, challenging problems, and call for the creative minds to tackle these problems!

The aims of this third Physics with Industry workshop are to work collaboratively with physicists of different backgrounds on urgent industrial problems to come up with creative solutions, and to acquaint (young) physicists with industrial R&D. Next to the scientific outcome of the workshop, we expect that researchers may establish many new contacts or future job perspectives.

A group of ca. fifty physicists (junior and senior scientists from the Netherlands and abroad) come together to tackle industrial problems. After a thorough presentation of the problems by the companies, the physicists choose one of the five problems and devote the entire week at dissecting, modelling, analysing and discussing this problem within their group and with the industrial representative. The scientists will be supported by senior researchers and researchers from the company itself. By Friday the groups present their solution to the companies.

Scientific Topics
Check the program for the five new scientific challenges of PwI 2012. To see what last year's problems were, please visit

To get an impression of our last year’s workshop please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGAIij1kDKk&feature=plcp