Lorentz Center - What Regulates Galaxy Evolution? from 22 Apr 2013 through 26 Apr 2013
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    What Regulates Galaxy Evolution?
    from 22 Apr 2013 through 26 Apr 2013

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Michael Balogh(Waterloo, Canada)
Eric Bell(Ann Arbor, MI, United States)
Nicolas Bouche(Toulouse, France)
Richard Bower(Durham, United Kingdom)
Andreas Burkert(Munich, Germany)
Charlie Conroy(Santa Cruz, United States)
Michael Cooper(Irvine, United States)
Rob Crain(Leiden, Netherlands)
Julianne Dalcanton(Seattle, WA, United States)
Gabriella De Lucia(Trieste, Italy)
Andreea Font(Birkenhead, Wirral, United Kingdom)
Fabio Fontanot(Heidelberg, Germany)
Marijn Franx(Leiden, Netherlands)
Marcel Haas(Piscataway, United States)
Michaela Hirschmann(Trieste, Italy)
Benne Holwerda(Noordwijk, Netherlands)
Guinevere Kauffmann(Garching, Germany)
Cheng Li(Shanghai, China)
Danilo Marchesini(Medford, United States)
Ian McCarthy(Birkenhead, United Kingdom)
Sean McGee(Leiden, Netherlands)
Houjun Mo(Amherst, United States)
Adam Muzzin(Leiden, Netherlands)
Thorsten Naab(Garching, Germany)
Benjamin Oppenheimer(Leiden, Netherlands)
Anna Pasquali(Heidelberg, Germany)
Shannon Patel(, )
Yingjie Peng(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Bianca Poggianti(Padova, Italy)
Laura Sales(Garching, Germany)
Kevin Schawinski(Zurich, Switzerland)
Joop Schaye(Leiden, Netherlands)
David Sobral(Leiden, Portugal)
Rachel Somerville(Piscataway, United States)
Greg Stinson(Heidelberg, Germany)
Frank Van den Bosch(New Haven, United States)
Pieter Van Dokkum(New Haven, United States)
Alvaro Villalobos(Trieste, Italy)
Benedetta Vulcani(Kashiwa, Japan)
Risa Wechsler(Stanford, CA, United States)
Andrew Wetzel(New Haven, United States)
David Wilman(Garching, Germany)