Lorentz Center - Study Group Mathematics with Industry 2013 from 28 Jan 2013 through 1 Feb 2013
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    Study Group Mathematics with Industry 2013
    from 28 Jan 2013 through 1 Feb 2013


90th European Studygroup Mathematics with  Industry

January 28 – February 1, 2013

The Studygroup Mathematics with Industry is a combined industrial-academic week where mathematics is used to tackle industrial problems.

It is organised annually in The Netherlands, each year by a different university. The format follows the original Oxford model, dating back from 1968, which is used world wide in similar Studygroups. The Studygroups have become an internationally accepted means of technology and knowledge transfer between academic mathematicians and industry.

Six companies have  presented problems on Monday: Nedcoffee BV,  Heineken, TNO,  Fytagoras,  Philips and Rijkswaterstaat.  About 75 mathematicians and representatives  from the companies and organisations have tackled each problem in smaller groups from Tuesday upto Thursday. On Friday obtained problem solutions and recommendations  for further research have been presented.

The cooperation has been fruitful. Heineken for instance has realised what kind of specialist they need for tackling their problem. Currently a student from Operations research is doing an internship at Heineken, his research topic having been based on the outcome of the recommendations of the Studygroup.  Cooperation of mathematicians with people from Fytagoras has been intensified. A simple solution to the problem of Nedcoffee has been implemented.

Reports on the work on the respective problems have been written after the workshop.

They will be published as scientific proceedings. For a better dissemination of the aims and work of the Studygroup within society, the reports are being rewritten  by a professional for the general public and they will be published in that form as well.

The participants have worked on the problems with enthusiasm: everyone has worked till late in the evenings to push the results as far as possible. The environment of the Lorenz center has been exetremely hospitable and stimulating. Discussions have been facilitated by the fact that discussion and reflection rooms have been grouped per problem. The many social activities organised within the Lorentz Centre enhanced continuation and liveliness of the discussions.

The organisation of the Studygroup has been facilitated by the professional support of the Lorentz Centre Staff. The organisers further wish to thank the staff for their dedication and availibility, and the Lorentz Centre for their generous financial support.

They also acknowledge financial support from NWO, STW, KWG and ECMI.

Markus Heydenreich (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Sander Hille (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Vivi Rottschäfer (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Lotte Sewalt (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Floske Spieksma (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Frits Veerman (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Evgeny Verbitskiy (Leiden, The Netherlands