Lorentz Center - Eco-evolutionary Dynamics in a Changing World from 11 Feb 2013 through 15 Feb 2013
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    Eco-evolutionary Dynamics in a Changing World
    from 11 Feb 2013 through 15 Feb 2013

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Jaime Ashander(Davis, United States)
Marissa Baskett(Davis, CA, United States)
Ronald Bassar(Turners Falls, United States)
François Blanquart(Montpellier, France)
Christiaan Both(Groningen, Netherlands)
Jon Bridle(Bristol, United Kingdom)
Cindy Canale(Zurich, Switzerland)
Hal Caswell(Woods Hole, United States)
Anne Charmantier(Montpellier, France)
Luis-Miguel Chevin(Montpellier, France)
Dylan Childs(Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Marleen Cobben(Wageningen, Netherlands)
Olivier Cotto(Montpellier, France)
Luc De Meester(Leuven, Belgium)
André De Roos(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Steven Declerck(Wageningen, Netherlands)
Phillip Gienapp(Wageningen, Netherlands)
Richard Gomulkiewicz(Pullman, United States)
Nelson Hairston(Ithaca, New York, United States)
Jessica Hellmann(Notre Dame, IN, United States)
Andrew Hendry(Montreal, Canada)
Stephanie Jenouvrier(Woods Hole, United States)
Michael Kinnison(Orono, Maine, United States)
Hanna Kokko(Canberra, Australia)
Arpat Ozgul(Zurich, Switzerland)
Jelena Pantel(Leuven, Belgium)
Spiros Papakostas(TURKU, Finland)
Fanie Pelletier(Sherbrooke, Canada)
Gabriel Pigeon(Sherbrooke, Canada)
Ophélie Ronce(Montpellier, France)
Marta Szulkin(Montpellier, France)
Xavier Thibert-Plante(Uppsala, Sweden)
Chris Thomas(York, United Kingdom)
Martijn Van de Pol(Acton, Australia)
Joost Van den Heuvel(Leiden, Netherlands)
Peter Van Tienderen(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Yngvild Vindenes(Oslo, Norway)
Marcel Visser(Wageningen, Netherlands)
Franz J. Weissing(Groningen, Netherlands)