Lorentz Center - Multiscale Modelling and Computing from 8 Apr 2013 through 12 Apr 2013
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    Multiscale Modelling and Computing
    from 8 Apr 2013 through 12 Apr 2013

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Assyr Abdulle(Lausanne, Switzerland)
Mohamed Ben Belgacem(Carouge, Switzerland)
Peter Bolhuis(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Joris Borgdorff(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Bastien Chopard(Carouge, Switzerland)
Peter Coveney(London, United Kingdom)
Wouter den Otter(Enschede, Netherlands)
Werner Dubitzky(Coleraine, United Kingdom)
Jean-Luc Falcone(Carouge, Switzerland)
Jacob Fish(New York, New York, United States)
Derek Groen(London, United Kingdom)
Jens Harting(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Alfons Hoekstra(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Olivier Hoenen(Garching, Germany)
Sergey Karabasov(London, United Kingdom)
George Karniadakis(Providence, United States)
Rolf Krause(Lugano, Switzerland)
Eric Lorenz(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Stefan Luding(Enschede, Netherlands)
Marc Makkes(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Anton Markesteijn(London, United Kingdom)
Velimir Meded(Mannheim, Germany)
Emanuela Merelli(Camerino, Italy)
Lampros Mountrakis(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Simon Portegies Zwart(Leiden, Netherlands)
James Suter(London, United Kingdom)
Timothy Tautges(Madison, United States)
Kristoffer van der Zee(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Aidong Yang(Guildford, United Kingdom)