Lorentz Center - Life Sciences with Industry 2013 from 7 Oct 2013 through 11 Oct 2013
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    Life Sciences with Industry 2013
    from 7 Oct 2013 through 11 Oct 2013

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Walid Abdelmoula(Leiden, Netherlands)
Jan Pieter Abrahams(Leiden, Netherlands)
Marian Baclayon(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Sonja Boas(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Arnoud Boot(Leiden, Netherlands)
Filipe Branco dos Santos( Amsterdam, Netherlands)
HUI Chen(Leuven, Belgium)
Reinoud de Groot(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Diego Durantini(Potsdam-Golm, Germany)
Astrid Eijkelenboom(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Paul Essers(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Ellen Feddes(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Dick Groen(, Netherlands)
Abhineet Gupta(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Mark Hanemaaijer(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Enqi He(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Stan Hoogcarspel(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Bas Hulsken(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Aniek Jongerius(Wageningen, Netherlands)
Annette Kliphuis(, Netherlands)
Jessica Koopman(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Kirsten Martens(Leiden, Netherlands)
Johanna Molenaar(Wageningen, Netherlands)
Igor Nederlof(Leiden University, Netherlands)
Marcel Prins(Wageningen, Netherlands)
Andrei Prodan(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Janneke Ravensbergen(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Susanne Roth(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Cees Sagt(, Netherlands)
Sarah Schmidt(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Andrea Schram(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Anne Schwabe(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Prarthana Shrestha(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Kushagra Singhal(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Joris Snellenburg(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Emma Spanjaard(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Lijin Tian(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Susan Urbanus(Krailling, Germany)
Roel van Driel(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Karen Van Eunen(Groningen, Netherlands)
Eric Van Genderen(Leiden, Netherlands)
Bart Van Oort(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Zhang Wei Dong(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Lara Wierenga(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Nilgun Yilmaz(Den Haag, Netherlands)