Lorentz Center - Where no Material Dares to Go from 6 Jan 2014 through 10 Jan 2014
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    Where no Material Dares to Go
    from 6 Jan 2014 through 10 Jan 2014


Description and aim

This workshop brings together scientists from different communities that do not normally meet materials science, energy technologies, nuclear fusion, nano-lithography, metallurgy, plasma welding, plasma physics and chemistry who share a common challenge: materials that perform better and survive longer in extreme conditions.

The extreme conditions are: high and cycling thermalload, aggressive chemical environment and high radiation fluxes. The aim of the workshop is to make real progress on crosscutting problems by exchanging ideas and knowledge from these different communities.

The workshop focuses in particular on multi-phase materials, which combine self-healing properties with structural strength. The philosophy of the workshop is to bring together leading experts from the different communities in sessions with ample participation of junior researchers: post-docs, PhD students and selected undergraduate students.

The format of the workshop is optimized for discussion, defining joint researchprojects and finding new directions.