Lorentz Center - Where no Material Dares to Go from 6 Jan 2014 through 10 Jan 2014
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    Where no Material Dares to Go
    from 6 Jan 2014 through 10 Jan 2014

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Jean-Paul Allain(Urbana, United States)
Damien Aussems(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Vadim Banine(Veldhoven, Netherlands)
Leo Bühler(Karlsruhe, Germany)
Kirill Bystrov(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Mohan Chen(Princeton, United States)
Jan Willem Coenen(Juelich, Germany)
Greg De Temmerman(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Marc Geers(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Karl Hammond(Knoxville, Tennessee, United States)
Roger Jaspers(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Michael Jaworski(Plainsboro, NJ, United States)
Vladimir Kvon(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Chris Lee(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Jochen Linke(Juelich, Germany)
Christian Linsmeier(Jülich, Germany)
Cheng Long(Beijing, China)
Niek Lopes Cardozo(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Guang-Hong Lu(Beijing, China)
Thomas Morgan(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Tony Murphy(Lindfield, Australia)
Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov(Lindfield, Australia)
Malgorzata Pachecka(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Volker Philipps(Jülich, Germany)
Steven Roberts(Oxford, United Kingdom)
David Ruzic(Urbana, IL, United States)
Barend Thijsse(Delft, Netherlands)
Richard Van de Sanden(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Rogier Van den Bos(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Sybrand Van der Zwaag(Delft, Netherlands)
Hans Van Dommelen(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Stein Van Eden(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Egbert Westerhof(Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Marius Wirtz(Jülich, Germany)
JEONG-HA You(Garching, Germany)