Lorentz Center - Multistate Models: Bridging Biostatistics, Demography and Econometrics from 3 Mar 2014 through 7 Mar 2014
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    Multistate Models: Bridging Biostatistics, Demography and Econometrics
    from 3 Mar 2014 through 7 Mar 2014


Description and aim

Multistate models describe the life course in terms of transitions individuals experience as they go through stages of life. These states may represent health states, stages of disease, occupation or education. Multistate models have been successfully used in a wide variety of applied sciences, but it is probably fair to say that the most fruitful areas of application are medicine, demography and economics.

Motivated by different contexts and by different research questions, methodology for multistate models in these three major disciplines has developed fairly separately, with less than ideal involvement or partnership across fields. This may have been due to “cultural” differences, differences in terminology and notation which tends to make papers from other fields hard to read, and perhaps a lack of awareness of the similarities. Yet the fact is that the similarities in terms of the questions asked, the problems to be solved, and in the end often also the methodology used, are far greater than the distinctions. To enhance progress, there is a need to blur disciplinary boundaries.

This workshop brings together experts in multistate models from biostatistics, demography and econometrics. The workshop has three aims. The first aim is to increase awareness of both well established and state of the art methodology in these three disciplines, and to exchange ideas. The second aim is to take away barriers, broaden views and to promote collaboration between scientists from these fields. The third aim is to contrast and compare the relative merits of approaches from biostatistics, demography and econometrics in answering the same research question based on the same data.

The workshop will focus on three topics of special interest in multistate models: (i) Expected length of stay; (ii) Goodness of fit and non-Markov Models; (iii) Heterogeneity. In addition participants will work during the workshop in smaller mixed groups on a predefined (empirical) research question using a subsample of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) data that will be made available to the participants in advance.