Lorentz Center - Combining Coronagraphs and Wavefront Control from 6 Oct 2014 through 10 Oct 2014
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    Combining Coronagraphs and Wavefront Control
    from 6 Oct 2014 through 10 Oct 2014


Combining Coronagraphs and Wavefront Control
06 – 10 October 2014 @Oort


The detection of planets around other stars has been one of the most significant and exciting discoveries of the past twenty years, and we are now detecting smaller and smaller mass planets around stars near the Sun. The direct imaging of rocky exoplanets that may harbour liquid water on their surfaces will require high contrast imaging that requires both coronagraphs and focal plane wavefront sensing.


The aim of this workshop was to bring the leading scientists together with young researchers, to review the latest results from optical laboratories around the world, and to discuss the issues in obtaining the first light images of rocky exoplanets. The second part of the week included breakout sessions on topics suggested by attendees.


It was a very busy and exciting week, complete with presentations to the rest of the Workshop on the breakout sessions. The complete program of talks are available at: http://home.strw.leidenuniv.nl/~kenworthy/nospeckles

Several collaborations between students and more established researchers were initiated, and ultimately the breakout sessions helped establish the core problems in our quest for habitable exoplanets in the next decade.




Two significant comments - getting people in at 9:00 proved very difficult. 9:30 was a much better starting time for the attendees, especially the ones from the US and Japan.


We had a Laboratory discussion section that we had tabled for 1.30 hours, but instead it took up the whole morning. It was a very exciting and lively discussion which we were delighted with! We had left enough room in the program to accommodate developments such as this. The breakout sessions were challenging but allowed new ideas to be brought out. These were regarded as very dynamic and prompted several new discussions.


Overall many of the workshop attendees thought that the Workshop was a success - many of them were first time attendees, and they thought that the support of the LC staff was excellent.


Anthony Boccaletti (Meudon, France)   

Olivier Guyon (Tucson, USA)   

Matthew Kenworthy (Leiden, The Netherlands)   

Dimitri Mawet (Santiago, Chile)   

Frans Snik (Leiden, The Netherlands)   

Remi Soummer (Baltimore, USA)