Lorentz Center - ICT with Industry 2014 from 13 Oct 2014 through 17 Oct 2014
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    ICT with Industry 2014
    from 13 Oct 2014 through 17 Oct 2014


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Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

  • Description and aim of the workshop
    During five days some fifty researchers from information technology and computer science at a wide range of universities in the Netherlands will work together extensively on challenging problems proposed by the partners. The workshop is expected to lead to a number of new papers and/or research initiatives and to establish new research collaborations between computer science and industry.
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  • Participants
  • Program
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  • Study cases
    1. Better insurance process based on unstructured data (CCS BV)
    2. D-POD; Dutch Privacy Preserving Open Data (CBS)
    3. WaterData: Collecting Run-Time Data on Complex Water Systems (InTech)
    4. Towards real trust in a digital society (Thales)
    5. Scalable dynamic race prediction (Vector Fabrics)

  • Video workshop
  • Organizers:
    Margriet Jansz (Utrecht, The Netherlands)  
    Rosemarie van der Veen Oei (Den Haag, The Netherlands)

  • Scientific co-organizers:
    Mark van den Brand, TU Eindhoven
    Henri Bal, U Amsterdam
    Paul De Bra, TU Eindhoven

  • Scientific Committeemembers:
    Ana Lucia Varbanescu, U Amsterdam
    Alexander Iosup, TU Delft
    Arend Rensink, U Twente
    Joaquin Vanschoren, TU Eindhoven
    Jan Hidders, TU Delft

  • Workshop Coordinator: Phone: +31 71 527 5585
    Organizational Log-in (restricted)