Lorentz Center - Modeling TLEs and TGFs from 20 Oct 2014 through 24 Oct 2014
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    Modeling TLEs and TGFs
    from 20 Oct 2014 through 24 Oct 2014


Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes (TGFs) and other high energy emissions from thunderstorms as well as transient luminous events (TLEs) between clouds and ionosphere will be investigated by two European space missions, ASIM and TARANIS, to be launched in 2015/16. These missions are currently scientifically supported by the ESF-research networking program on “Thunderstorm Effects on the Atmosphere-Ionosphere System (TEA-IS)” that supports scientific exchange visits, conferences and workshops. The network embraces a wide range of ground observations, satellite missions, data evaluation and modeling throughout Europe.


The workshop at the Lorentz Center was mainly paid by the ESF-network, and the Lorentz Center sponsored administrative support, facilities, wine and cheese party and drinks.


There were three main points of interest during the workshop:

1.            The groups in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Spain all have their own modeling activities, facing the very same complex and multiscale modeling questions independently. The first three days of the workshop served for an exchange on modeling knowledge, techniques and assumptions. A number of implicit assumptions and of discrepancies between models were identified and errors corrected.


2.            On Thursday, 3 companies (from Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain) explained their lightning protection problems. A new bridge between research on lightning and on lightning protection of wind turbines, airplanes and helicopters was laid by identifying the particular modeling needs of the applications.


3.            The rest of Thursday and Friday was spent on outlining a joint proposal for an Innovative Training Network within the European Marie Sklodowska Curie actions. The proposal was actually submitted on Jan. 13, 2015.


An interesting byproduct was a new collaboration between Olaf Scholten from KVI-Cart in Groningen and Martin Füllekrug from Univ. Bath, UK, on radio emissions from thunderstorm related discharges. Olaf’s main present interest is the calculation of radio emissions from extended air showers that are generated by extragalactic particles with very high energies, while Martin is an expert in measurements of radio emissions from atmospheric discharges.


Ute Ebert (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Alejandro Luque (Granada, Spain)

Torsten Neubert (Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark)

Olaf Scholten (Groningen, Netherlands)