Lorentz Center - The Life and Death of Satellite Galaxies from 28 Apr 2015 through 1 May 2015
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    The Life and Death of Satellite Galaxies
    from 28 Apr 2015 through 1 May 2015

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Yannick Bahe(Garching, Germany)
Peter Behroozi(Baltimore, Maryland, United States)
Vasily Belokurov(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Alessandro Boselli(Marseille, France)
Mike Boylan-Kolchin(College Park, MD, United States)
James Bullock(Irvine, United States)
Marcella Carollo(Zurich, Switzerland)
Mike Cooper(Irvine, United States)
Gabriella de Lucia(Trieste, Italy)
Andrew Emerick(New York, United States)
Matteo Fossati(München, Germany)
Decker French(Tucson, United States)
Melissa Gillone(Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Nina Hatch(Nottingham, United Kingdom)
Yara Jaffé(Concepcion, Chile)
Jeff Kenney(New haven, CT, United States)
Katarina Kovac(Zuerich, Switzerland)
Yao-Yuan Mao(Stanford, United States)
Ian Mccarthy(Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Sean McGee(Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Adam Muzzin(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Angela Paccagnella(Padova, Italy)
Jorge Penarrubia(Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Aaron Robotham(Perth, Australia)
Stefania Salvadori(Groningen, Netherlands)
Till Sawala(Durham, United Kingdom)
Tjitske Starkenburg(Groningen, Netherlands)
Erik Tollerud(New Haven, United States)
Eline Tolstoy(Groningen, Netherlands)
Stephanie Tonnesen(Pasadena, CA, United States)
Frank van den Bosch(North Haven, United States)
Risa Wechsler(Stanford, CA, United States)
Daniel Weisz(Seattle, United States)
Andrew Wetzel(Pasadena, United States)
David Wilman(Garching , Germany)
Lizhi Xie(Trieste, Italy)
Ilsang Yoon(Leiden, Netherlands)
Dennis Zaritsky(Tucson, AZ, United States)
Felicia Ziparo(Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Adi Zolotov(Columbus, United States)