Lorentz Center - Clusters, Games and Axioms from 22 Jun 2015 through 26 Jun 2015
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    Clusters, Games and Axioms
    from 22 Jun 2015 through 26 Jun 2015


Sponsors of this event were Lorentz center and KNAW, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The workshop concerned the study of cluster analysis using techniques developed in machine learning, game theory and social choice theory.


The primary goal was to create a forum for discussing common research objectives and to unravel and study in depth these striking, not well-known, parallels in these research areas. Examples include axiomatic approach and iterative methods.


The workshop was attended by about 33 participants. It provided a multi-disciplinary forum during which issues and achievements in research on clustering, social choice theory and game theory were discussed.


The presentations together with the discussions in groups led to the identification of interesting issues, analogies and related concepts and problems across the three topics of the workshop.


In our view this structure of the program, with few lectures and much time left for discussion, strengthened synergy among researchers from these different disciplines. In particular researchers working in game theory, social choice theory and machine learning identified related research questions and issues concerned with the study of cluster analysis.


In summary, this workshop will hopefully lead to new research directions and to new advances in all three fields.



Krzysztof Apt

Elena Marchiori

Jerome Lang

Marcello Pelillo