Language:           This event will be held in English

Place:                   Lorentz Center, Niels Bohrweg 2, 2333 CA Leiden



De voertaal voor deze lezing is Engels




The purpose of the event is to introduce researchers from the digital humanities to the funding opportunities and partnering possible with NLeSC and with the Lorentz Center. The day will also include discussions on how NLeSC should fund humanities initiatives in the future, discussion on areas to focus activities and time to showcase our current humanities project portfolio. The day will include lectures, expert panels, pitches and a keynote presentation.

10:00-10:30        Coffee

10:30-11:00        Dr. Mieke Schutte (Lorentz Center)

11:00-11:30        Prof. Sally Wyatt (KNAW)

11:30-12:30        NLeESC Project Presentations I

12:30-13:30        Lunch and Tour Lorentz Center

13:30-14:30        NLeESC Project Presentations II

14:30-15:15        Expert Panel I

15:15-15:45        Coffee

15:45-16:15        Expert Panel II

16:15-17:00        Dr. Tobias Blanke (King’s  College London)

17:00-18:00        Drinks