Lorentz Center - Tomography of the Quark-Gluon Plasma with Heavy Quarks from 10 Oct 2016 through 14 Oct 2016
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    Tomography of the Quark-Gluon Plasma with Heavy Quarks
    from 10 Oct 2016 through 14 Oct 2016


This international workshop brings together senior and junior scientists from theory and experiment on open heavy-flavour, quarkonia, and heavy-flavour physics from lattice Quantum Chromodynamics. The goal of this workshop is to identify common understandings and develop strategies for the upcoming 5 years to achieve a profound knowledge of the dynamical properties of the quark-gluon plasma. The questions and themes are centered around but not limited to the following: 

         To what extend have heavy flavor observables elucidated the properties of the plasma during the expansion?

         What is the difference between the various models which describe open heavy flavor mesons?

         What information we can get from the observation of charmonium and bottomium?

         What is our present understanding of the charm and bottom physics from lattice?

         What are in your point of view the current open questions?

         What are the current crucial experimental and theoretical issues and limitations?

         How could these questions/issues be addressed?

         Can we identify key observables to make further progress? 


Besides overview reports on recent experimental results and theoretical developments the main focus of the workshop is to discuss these themes and questions. The interaction among the participants is organized in several dedicated discussion groups with considerable amount of time, thus stimulating an interactive atmosphere and encouraging collaborations between participants. This format typically generates extensive debates and enables significant progress to be made within the research topic of the meeting.