Lorentz Center - Search Games: Theory and Algorithms from 27 Jun 2016 through 1 Jul 2016
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    Search Games: Theory and Algorithms
    from 27 Jun 2016 through 1 Jul 2016


Search games are concerned with a game theoretic approach to search problems.  Apart from natural applications in the realm of security and search-and-resuce, search games have connections to resource allocation, bounded-resource reasoning and scheduling theory.


The study of search games has largely followed two different approaches.  The first, taken by the mathematics/operations research community generally focuses on using advanced mathematical techniques to find optimal strategies and precise solutions to games (often with no algorithmic considerations).  The second approach, taken by the theoretical computer science community, takes a more algorithmic approach, putting a greater emphasis on issues of complexity and seeking approximation algorithms for hard problems.


The workshop aims to bring together researchers in these communities to discuss and work on search games by combining their respective strengths.  The workshop will feature a combination of presentations, an open problem session and plenty of time for informal discussions and working groups on topics including network search, pursuit-evasion games, searching in random graphs, rendezvous search and applications of searching in computer science.  We hope to spark new collaborations and make progress on important problems in the field of search games.


Speakers will include Steve Alpern, Shmuel Gal, Leszek Gasieniec and David Kirkpatrick.