Lorentz Center - Biased Tracers of Large-Scale Structure from 4 Jul 2016 through 8 Jul 2016
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    Biased Tracers of Large-Scale Structure
    from 4 Jul 2016 through 8 Jul 2016


A new generation of experiments will map the large-scale structure of the universe to unprecedented accuracy.  These observations present both an opportunity and a challenge.  To be able to extract the maximum amount of information about fundamental physics from the new data sets, requires equally accurate theoretical predictions.  Progress decisively relies on pushing the boundary of our understanding of structure formation into the nonlinear regime. At present, a key limiting factor is the lack of a precise understanding of galaxy biasing (i.e. the relationship between the clustering of galaxies and the underlying dark matter density).  This has to capture the incompletely understood nonlinear physics of the formation of dark matter halos and galaxies.  


The workshop will bring together theoretical and observational cosmologists that share the goal of developing and employing bias to interpret current and next generation LSS observations. Some of the questions that will be discussed are:  

  • What precision does a biasing model need to deliver in order to achieve our science goals?  
  • What are the most promising approaches to reach that precision? 
  • What are the regimes of applicability of existing biasing models? 
  • How can we improve existing treatments of biasing?


The nature of the workshop will be highly interactive. There will be few talks and plenty of time for discussion and collaboration.