Lorentz Center - Extremes and Risks in Higher Dimensions from 12 Sep 2016 through 16 Sep 2016
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    Extremes and Risks in Higher Dimensions
    from 12 Sep 2016 through 16 Sep 2016


Contributed Papers


In this workshop, thanks to the help of our invited speakers and 10 (tencontributed papers we will carefully select, we will cover the most important topics related to extremes and risks in higher dimensions. We will focus on the latest findings, and discuss future trends, with the main aim of fostering new fruitful collaborations.


A section with professionals from the financial sector will enrich the discussion from the applied side.


The list of invited speakers includes: Valérie Chavez-Demoulin, Laurens de Haan, John Einmahl, Jürg Hüsler, Giovanni Puccetti, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Chen Zhou.


Interested researchers can send their contributions, in the form of an extended abstract or paperWe are able to contribute to travel and accommodation expenses for those (10) who are selected. Selected speakers are kindly asked to stay for the entire workshop, or at least for a good part of it.


The deadline for the submission of extended abstracts or papers is June 10, 2016, but we favor earlier submissions. The acceptance/rejection will be communicated by June 30 at latest.


We strongly encourage young researchers to send their contributions, as well as women and minorities.


Please send your work in pdf form to: P.Cirillo@tudelft.nl or J.J.Cai@tudelft.nl (you can also ask for questions). Email subject: MEVT2016.


We hope to receive many high quality papers.