Lorentz Center - WoW: the Week of WEAVE from 28 Nov 2016 through 2 Dec 2016
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    WoW: the Week of WEAVE
    from 28 Nov 2016 through 2 Dec 2016


Description and Aim


WEAVE is the next-generation wide-field survey facility for the William Herschel Telescope. It consists of a multi-object fibre spectrograph and integral field units (IFU) with a large field of view that can obtain 1000 spectra simultaneously. The WEAVE Galactic Archaeology survey (WEAVE-GA) is the survey focused on the Milky Way, as a complement to the Gaia space mission. To further develop the GA implementation plans of the four components of the survey, and allow hands-on working time for the sub-survey teams, the Week of WEAVE (WoW) will be organized around common sessions and parallel working time. We expect that by the end of WoW, a close-to-final target selection function and footprint definition will have been achieved for the four WEAVE-GA sub-surveys and that major steps will have been taken towards the smooth integration of the GA survey within the WEAVE operation and dataflow (Survey Working Group, Core Data System, Advanced Data System, and Weave Archive System). The following topic will be discussed and/or worked on:

·         Review of plans for the four WEAVE-GA sub-surveys & updates, open issues;

·         Gaia data for target selection and early WEAVE science (Gaia DR1 archive tutorials, assessment of Gaia DR2 data readiness/issues for our purpose, mitigations, etc.);

·         Building up a first target selection function for the four WEAVE-GA sub-surveys;

·         WEAVE LR and HR expected performances for GA: WEAVE Core Processing System (CPS: data reduction) and Advanced Processing System (ACS: classification and analysis), including strategies for sky emission, continuum and telluric absorption corrections, and performances for stellar parameters and chemical abundance determinations;

·         GA foreseen “typical uses” of the WEAVE Archive System (WAS).


The last day of the week will be devoted to a meeting of the WEAVE Survey Working Group (SWG) which has a variety of responsibilities for the whole WEAVE survey.

The SWG consists of members chosen to represent each of the WEAVE surveys, while the Galactic Archaeology team is contributing multiple members to enable representation of each of the GA sub-surveys. The last day of the WoW workshop will have a sub-program, for which all SWG members will be invited to attend. This will be the first opportunity for the SWG members to meet face to face in order to begin a number of discussions related to the duties of the SWG. We envisage that an initial round-the-table introduction from each SWG member of their survey as the representative of that survey will be followed by discussions to include – but not be limited to – reviewing the responsibilities of the SWG as a whole and in particular dealing with short-term requirements such as catalogue combination and astrometry, use of simulated vs. real catalogues and tiling of fields across the sky, as well as the SWG roles during the 5-year WEAVE survey beginning in 2018.