Lorentz Center - Physics with Industry 2016 from 21 Nov 2016 through 25 Nov 2016
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    Physics with Industry 2016
    from 21 Nov 2016 through 25 Nov 2016


Description and aim


The annual workshop 'Physics with Industry 2016' will take place from 21 November to 25 November 2016 at the Lorentz Center in Leiden. During the workshop, about 50 fundamental and applied physicists will tackle five selected company problems.

This workshop is intended to encourage cooperation and exchange of knowledge between academia and industry. In a stimulating setting at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, scientists and researchers from both academia and industry work closely together for one full week to find original solutions to challenging industrial problems.


During the workshop week the participants will focus on problems from five companies. Physicists from different disciplines will use their academic knowledge to realise surprising solutions for the problems. While doing this they will become thoroughly acquainted with the companies and the companies with them. Therefore the workshop will not only provide interesting solutions for each company but the companies concerned will also come into contact with potential employees.

The workshop Physics with Industry was first held in 2010. Since then various large and small companies have participated. In the past years, the workshops have led to solutions for problems, but also to new collaborative projects, patent applications and jobs for the participating researchers.