Lorentz Center - Language, Knowledge and People in Perspective from 18 Apr 2017 through 21 Apr 2017
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    Language, Knowledge and People in Perspective
    from 18 Apr 2017 through 21 Apr 2017

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Lora Aroyo(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Alexandra Balahur(Ispra, Italy)
Sabine Bergler(Montreal, Canada)
Arianna Betti(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Camiel Beukeboom(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Hans Bouwknegt(Naarden, Netherlands)
Claire Cardie(Ithaca, United States)
Tommaso Caselli(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Davide Ceolin(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Luuk Ex(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Antske Fokkens(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Aldo Gangemi(Villetaneuse, France)
Paul Groth(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Eduard Hovy(Pittsburgh, United States)
Chu-Ren Huang(Hong Kong , Hong Kong)
Benjamin Johnson(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Andre Krouwel(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Inger Leemans(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Isa Maks(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Roser Morante Vallejo(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Henrik Nijkamp(S-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)
Malvina Nissim(Groningen, Netherlands)
Julia Noordegraaf(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Thomas Poell(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Valentina Presutti(Roma, Italy)
Owen Rambow(New York, United States)
Pontus Lars Erik Saito Stenetorp(London, United Kingdom)
Noah Smith(Seattle, United States)
Pim Stouten(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Josť van Dijck(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Wilco van Duinkerken(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Maarten van Meersbergen(, )
Chantal van Son(Uitgeest, Netherlands)
Tony Veale(Dublin, Ireland)
Ivar Vermeulen(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Piek Vossen(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Christopher Welty(New York, United States)
Matt Willis(Oxford, United Kingdom)