Lorentz Center - Trends and Developments in Laser Based Distance Metrology from 29 May 2017 through 2 Jun 2017
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    Trends and Developments in Laser Based Distance Metrology
    from 29 May 2017 through 2 Jun 2017


Long distance measurement techniques based on ranging are reaching accuracies of tenths of millimeters over hundreds of meters. One important driver for this development is the advent and broader availability of more robust and reliable laser sources. Nevertheless, several obstacles have to be overcome to promote the technology towards further frontiers in accuracies, and of similar importance, towards broader applicability for the challenges in manufacturing and monitoring.

One major limiting factor for the measurement in ambient conditions is compensation for the refractive index of air. On one hand the best current models are limited to uncertainties in the order of 10-8 at best, while in practice the determination of the decisive environmental parameters leads to a further increase of uncertainty typically by at least one order of magnitude. To fully exploit the potential of the novel sources for the dimensional measurement, new methods for noise reduction, data acquisition and real time treatment must be explored.

This workshop will first address the latest state-of-the-art approaches to laser-based distance, followed by in-depth topics on instrumental and environmental limitations, with the overall goal to lay a foundation for pushing this limits to the next level.

Novel and refined approaches to enhance accuracy in laser-based distance measurement techniques

Length measurement technologies based on properties of femtosecond frequency combs.

Environmental parameters limitation in long distance measurement

Refractive index determination and compensation

Instrumentation and Data Acquisition for optical distance metrology