Lorentz Center - Open Machine Learning 2017 from 9 Oct 2017 through 13 Oct 2017
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    Open Machine Learning 2017
    from 9 Oct 2017 through 13 Oct 2017


The idea of the workshop is to bring together the people that make machine learning easily available to everyone, within an intimate atmosphere (no more than about 50 people) and plenty of time to interact. It is open to machine learning researchers, open scientists applying machine learning within their domains, or anyone who wants to help make machine learning more accessible to a wider audience. It is organized as a week-long hackathon in which small teams work on individual projects, but also regularly interact with each other. It typically revolves around the OpenML platform, but also encourages interacting with other open science projects.


In the months before the workshop, we will collect ideas about topics and initiatives to work on. This can range from building a new OpenML feature, write documentation/tutorials, do a scientific study,  connect to a new open science initiative, or simply discuss the future of OpenML. Ideas will be put on post-its that people can pick and attach to their laptops/badges so that others can see what they are interested in, start working together, get help quickly, and find new connections without creating isolated groups. We will also do daily progress pitches to highlight issues and encourage cross-pollination of ideas.