Lorentz Center - Optimal Optical Coronagraphs from 25 Sep 2017 through 29 Sep 2017
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    Optimal Optical Coronagraphs
    from 25 Sep 2017 through 29 Sep 2017


Highcontrast imaging instruments based on coronagraphic techniques have proven to be essential for observing the few giant exoplanets that have been imaged so far. Still, several challenges remain in the development of ground and spacebased instruments that will be sensitive to substantially larger population of planets. It is thus becoming increasingly clear that the optimal instrumentation for this purpose has yet to be invented . To this end, the Optimal Optical Coronagraph Workshop will gather researchers working in the field to stimulate the emergence and sharing of new ideas. The program of the 5day workshop will be designed to encourage discussion and boost mutual progress on outstanding issues identified by the group. Interactive talks and panel discussions will allow the attendees to share their knowledge and experience with coronagraph optimization, testing and operations, while collaborative splinter sessions will give them the opportunity to efficiently work on the identified problems.


Main goals of the workshop:

      Make rapid and tangible progress through dissemination of new ideas and collaborative splinter sessions.

      Establish unified approaches for designing truly optimal coronagraphs for both groundbased and future spacebased telescopes, that are both manufacturable and highly integratable in realistic highcontrast imaging systems, including advanced adaptive optics and wavefront sensing.

      Identify at least one clear new pathway for improved instrument performance and international collaboration among the community.