Lorentz Center - On Growth and Form 2017 from 23 Oct 2017 through 27 Oct 2017
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    On Growth and Form 2017
    from 23 Oct 2017 through 27 Oct 2017

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Gemma Anderson(Exeter, United Kingdom)
Philip Ball(London, United Kingdom)
Hester Breman(London, United Kingdom)
Graham Budd(Uppsala, Sweden)
Ross Carter(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Mark Chaplain(St Andrews, United Kingdom)
Katharina Lee Chichester(Berlin, Germany)
Stéphane Douady(Paris, France)
Alain Goriely(Oxford, United Kingdom)
Veronica Grieneisen(Norwich, United Kingdom)
Johannes Jaeger(Vienna, Austria)
Matthew Jarron(Duindee, United Kingdom)
Edward Juler(Newcastle, United Kingdom)
Jaap Kaandorp(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Yulia Kraus(Moscow, Russia)
Ellen Levy(New York, United States)
Stan Maree(Norwich , United Kingdom)
Nick Monk(Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Ekaterina Pukhlyakova(Vienna, Austria)
Peter Randall-Page(Crockernwell, United Kingdom)
Peter Sloot(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Charissa Terranova(Dallas, United States)
Michael Weinstock(London, United Kingdom)