Lorentz Center - Rotating Convection: from the Lab to the Stars from 28 May 2018 through 1 Jun 2018
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    Rotating Convection: from the Lab to the Stars
    from 28 May 2018 through 1 Jun 2018

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Ashna Aggarwal(Los Angeles, United States)
Andres Aguirre Guzman(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Jonathan Aurnou(Los Angeles, United States)
Isabelle Baraffe(Exeter, United Kingdom)
Adrian Barker(Leeds, United Kingdom)
Eberhard Bodenschatz(Göttingen, Germany)
Matthew Browning(Exeter, United Kingdom)
Michael Calkins(Boulder, United States)
Philippe Cardin(Grenoble, France)
Jonathan Cheng(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Herman Clercx(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Laura Currie(Exeter, United Kingdom)
Charles Doering(Ann Arbor, MI, United States)
Robert Ecke(Los Alamos, United States)
Benjamin Favier(Marseille, France)
Nicholas Featherstone(Boulder, United States)
Pascale Garaud(Santa Cruz, United States)
Thomas Gastine(Paris, France)
Ian Grooms(Boulder, United States)
Celine Guervilly(Newcastle upon Tyne , United Kingdom)
Uwe Harlander(Cottbus, Germany)
Emily Hawkins(Los Angeles, United States)
Kumiko Hori(Kobe, Japan)
Susanne Horn(Los Angeles, United States)
David Hughes(Leeds, United Kingdom)
Chris Jones(Leeds, United Kingdom)
Keith Julien(Boulder, United States)
Edgar Knobloch(Berkeley, United States)
Rudie Kunnen(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Detlef Lohse(ENSCHEDE, Netherlands)
Matteo Madonia(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Benjamin Miquel(Boulder, United States)
Joe Niemela(Trieste, Italy)
Jeff Oishi(Lewiston, United States)
Meredith Plumley(Boulder, United States)
Olga Shishkina(Goettingen, Germany)
Leslie Smith(Madison, United States)
Stephan Stellmach(Münster, Germany)
Richard Stevens(Enschede, Netherlands)
Andrei Sukhanovskii(Perm, Russia)
Andreas Tilgner(Göttingen, Germany)
Ravindran Vishnu(Chennai, India)
Catherine Vreugdenhil(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Marcel Wedi(Goettingen, Germany)
Ping Wei(Shanghai, China)
Stephan Weiss(Göttingen, Germany)
Jared Whitehead(Provo, United States)
Johannes Wicht(Goettingen, Germany)
Ke-Qing Xia(Shatin, Hong Kong)
Keke Zhang(Exeter, United Kingdom)
Xuan Zhang(Göttingen, Germany)
Jin-Qiang Zhong(Shanghai, China)
Xiaojue Zhu(Enschede, Netherlands)