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Lorentz Program 2018@Oort


SSH program poster:
SSH workshop program 2018

Program poster:
January to April 2018
May to August 2018

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January 15 - 19
Accelerating the Search for Dark Matter with Machine Learning
Tom Heskes, Gianfranco Bertone, Francesca Calore, Sascha Caron, Roberto Ruiz de Austri

January 22 - 26
Citizen Science Lab: Air Pollution
Frank Kresin, Ivonne Jansen-Dings, Frans Snik, Hester Volten

January 29 - February 2
Understanding Cancer Through Evolutionary Game Theory
Joel Brown, Robert Gatenby, Katerina Stankova, Frank Thuijsman

February 5 - 9
Observational Signatures of Type Ia Supernova Progenitors III
Carles Badenes, Marat Gilfanov, Dani Maoz, Silvia Toonen, Tyrone Woods

February 19 - 23
Responsible Robotics: Shaping our Future with Robotics
Gusz Eiben, Cathrine Hasse, Johanna Seibt, Noel Sharkey, Aimee van Wynsberghe

March 5 - 9
Principles of Microbial Adaptation
Frank Bruggeman, Stefan Klumpp, Bob Planqué

March 12 - 16
Iron, Myelin and the Brain
Lucia Bossoni, Torben Moos, Itamar Ronen, Roberta Ward, Louise van der Weerd

March 19 - 23
Flexible Symmetric Cryptography
Christina Boura, Joan Daemen, Stefan Lucks, Bart Mennink, François-Xavier Standaert

April 3 - 6
Evolution of Biomolecular Networks: Rules of the Game
Juliette Azimzadeh, Erwin Frey, Geert Kops, Liedewij Laan, Michael Lynch

April 9 - 13
Safety of Future Systems: Science meets Industry
Alessandro Cimatti, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Matthias Kuntz, Marielle Stoelinga, Marcel Verhoef

April 16 - 20
Uncertainty Quantification in Complex, Nonparametric Statistical Models
Richard Nickl, Botond Szabo, Aad van der Vaart

April 23 - 26
International Software Architecture PhD School (iSAPS)
Paris Avgeriou, Philippe Kruchten, Patricia Lago

April 23 - May 4
Applied Category Theory - 1st week tutorial at Snellius / 2nd week workshop at Oort
Bob Coecke, Brendan Fong, Aleks Kissinger, Martha Lewis, Joshua Tan

May 14 - 18
Fixed-Parameter Computational Geometry 2018
Mark de Berg, Hans Bodlaender, Benjamin Burton, Christian Knauer

May 22 - 25
The Computational Mathematics Aspects of Porous Media, and Fluid Flow
Francisco Gaspar, Cornelis Oosterlee, Carmen Rodrigo, Fred Vermolen

May 28 - June 1
Rotating Convection: from the Lab to the Stars
Robert Ecke, Pascale Garaud , Keith Julien, Rudie Kunnen, Stephan Weiss

June 4 - 8
Single Cell Data Science: Making Sense of Data from Billions of Single Cells
Johannes Köster, Alice McHardy, Ben Raphael, Alexander Schönhuth, Sohrab Shah

June 11 - 15
Systematic Analysis of Security Protocol Implementations
Joeri de Ruiter, Juraj Somorovsky, Frits Vaandrager

June 18 - 22
Effective Methods for Diophantine Problems
Attila Bérczes, Bas Edixhoven, Kálmán Györy, Robin de Jong

June 25 - 29
Image Reconstruction from Millimetres to the Globe: Bridging the Gap Between Seismic and Medical Imaging
Christian Boehm, Koen van Dongen, Andreas Fichtner, René-Edouard Plessix, Nicole Ruiter

July 2 - 6
Models of Bounded Reasoning in Individuals and Groups
Davide Grossi, Hykel Hosni, Sanjay Modgil

July 9 - 13
Transients in New Surveys: the Undiscovered Country
Cosimo Inserra, Raffaella Margutti, Mat Smith

July 16 - 20
1st International Symposium on Lifecourse Epidemiology and Spatial Science (ISLES)
Peng Jia, Sherif Amer, Peter James, Alfred Stein, Monique Verschuren

July 30 - August 3
Logical Aspects of Quantum Information
Samson Abramsky, Ivano Ciardielli, Phokion Kolaitis, Martin Otto

August 6 - 10
Astro Hack Week: Data Science for Next-Generation Astronomy
Lauren Anderson, Daniela Huppenkothen, Boris Leistedt, Ellianna Schwab

August 13 - 17
The Bewildering Nature of Ultra-diffuse Galaxies
Nicola Amorisco, Arianna Di Cintio, Reynier Peletier, David Valls-Gabaud

August 27 - 31
Distinguishing Science and Metaphysics in Evolution and Religion
Duur Aanen, Gijsbert van den Brink

September 10 - 14
Triple Evolution and Dynamics Trendy-2
Daniel Fabrycky, Hagai Perets, Andrei Tokovinin, Silvia Toonen

September 17 - 21
In-Vivo Analytics for Big Software Quality
Jürgen Cito, Arie van Deursen, Arnd Hartmanns, Mozhan Soltani

September 24 - 28
Tell Me Your Colours and I’ll Tell You Who You Are: Photometric Redshifts for Large-scale Sky Surveys
Ken Duncan, Audrey Galametz

October 8 - 12
Risk Science and Decision Science for Teenagers: Helping Tomorrow’s Citizens Making Decisions About Risk
Wiebe Bijker, Frederic Bouder, Anne Michiels van Kessenich, Ragnar Löfstedt

October 29 - November 2
A Roadmap for Universal Life
Claudia Bonfio, Claire Cousins, Mihkel Kama, Inge Loes ten Kate, Karin Öberg, Paul Rimmer

November 5 - 9
Physics and Psychology of Human Crowd Dynamics
Alessandro Corbetta, John Drury, Enrico Ronchi, Federico Toschi, Armin Seyfried

November 12 - 16
Micro- and Nano-Fluidics: Fundamentals and Applications
Peichun Amy Tsai, Elizebeth Charlaix, Detlef Lohse, Hsueh-Chia Zhang