Lorentz Center - CECAM-Lorentz Workshop 2014
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    CECAM-Lorentz Workshop 2014

Call for Applications; deadline 15 August 2013

Click on this poster for the PDF-file CECAM and the Lorentz Center are looking for scientists who want to organize the first annual CECAM-Lorentz Workshop, to be held in 2014 at Lorentz Center@Snellius in the Netherlands

The deadline for the submission of a one page expression of interest is 15 August 2013.
The CECAM-Lorentz collaboration plans to host a leading-edge workshop in computational simulation and modelling and its applications.
The topic is open. We would welcome some proposals in the fields of systems biology, the propagation of dislocations and cracks, in materials or carbon capture.


  • an innovative scientific topic
  • an open and interactive program with few lectures


  • a 5-day workshop for up to 25 scientists, in September December 2014
  • travel and accommodation reimbursement and other organizational costs
  • professional organizational support


  • a 1-page expression of interest by 15 August 2013
  • a full application by 30 September 2013
  • final decision in November 2013
  • submit applications to proposal@lorentzcenter.nl


  • Dominic Tildesley, director CECAM ( )
  • Arjen Doelman, director Lorentz Center ( )
  • Henriette Jensenius, science programming (+31 71 527 5580; )
  • www.cecam.org or www.lorentzcenter.nl.

In the 1-page expression of interest you should clearly state:

  • What you want to do
  • Why you want to do it
  • Who you want to involve
This expression of interest will be evaluated by a dedicated CECAM-Lorentz Panel.

On the basis of your expression of interest, you may be selected to work out a full application. The application is prepared following the general instructions for Lorentz Center workshops@Snellius. Where necessary, you will receive additional information (for instance you will have a more generous budget to work with than a regular Lorentz Center workshop).