Challenges in Modelling the Reaction Chemistry of Interstellar Dust

19 - 23 September 2011

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Description & Aim

The burgeoning and strongly interdisciplinary field of astrochemistry has built upon the enormous recent growth and development in our experimental, observational and theoretical efforts to understand the chemical processes occurring in the interstellar medium. Astrochemical research efforts have increasingly focussed on the role of dust grains as it has become clear that these are of crucial importance for interstellar chemical evolution. In this workshop we aim to explore how the accuracy and scope of the modelling of relevant chemical processes on interstellar dust grains could be improved and therefore to help resolve the most contentious problems in this field.

The programme begins with: (i) a review of the recent advances in experimental and observational studies on dust particles and ices, which is followed by (ii) a discussion of the frontier developments in the modelling of clusters, ices and surface reaction dynamics, and wraps up with (iii) the astrophysical modelling of interstellar chemical evolution.


Specifically in the workshop, we want to identify:


1) the most realistic models for bare and ice-covered interstellar dust grains and their surfaces

2) how to adequately deal with quantum tunnelling and weak gas-surface interactions

3) consistent ways of extrapolating accurate (theoretical) rate constants to astrochemical models

4) a concrete list of priority problems in interstellar dust chemistry that need to be addressed most urgently, which we can address in the imminent future by new, collaborative joint efforts

5) opportunities for funding to facilitate collaborations


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