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Lorentz Fellowships

Uptill 2011-2012, the program funded individual Lorentz Fellowships. In 2012 this initiative is replaced by the NIAS-Lorentz Theme Groups. Candidates who would have qualified for a Lorentz Fellowship are encouraged to apply for a regular NIAS Fellowship. This naturally may be combined with an independent workshop application.
Ronald Noë University of Strasbourg (FR) 2011/2012 workshop
Kip Williams Purdue University, West Lafayette (US) 2011/2012 workshop
Johan Hoorn VU University Amsterdam (NL) 2010/2011 workshop
Ram Ramanujam Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai (India) spring 2010 workshop
Henk de Regt Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL) 2009/2010 workshop
Bertie Lumey Columbia University (US) 2008/2009 workshop
Jan Gunneweg Hebrew University (Israel) 2007/2008 workshop
Hans van Ditmarsch University of Otago (New Zealand) 2007/2008 workshop
Mohammed Bagheri Encyclopedia Islamica Foundation (Iran) 2006/2007 workshop
Carel ten Cate University of Groningen (NL) 2006/2007 none
Paul van den Broek University of Minnesota (US) 2006/2007 workshop