How to apply for a new workshop date

You are welcome to apply for a new workshop date in case you are opting not to hold a full virtual meeting in your original workshop week.


1.   Download the 'Apply for a new date' form and fill out the requested information and motivation.

2.   If necessary, update your proposal. Consider for instance:

  • Have there been relevant developments in your field since submitting your original proposal that makes it useful to update your proposal?
  • Have you organized a short online activity that has informed the scope and program of your upcoming workshop or that produced outcomes, which deserve to be mentioned in your proposal?
  • Are all organizers/participants still available and interested? And are their affiliations up to date?
  • Would you like to add invitees/organizers in light of recent developments?

3.   Add the completed 'Apply for a new date' form as the first page of your (updated) proposal and save it as a PDF file.


4.   Create a new workshop application request via our regular online application system. Provide the requested personal information and indicate your new weeks of preference. When prompted to upload your proposal, please upload the document created in step 3.


Next steps taken by the Lorentz Center

The Lorentz Center will combine the uploaded material with your original proposal, the original feedback from the board members, the outcome letters from the Lorentz Center and any revisions and/or responses you may have submitted to us already. This package will be sent to the boards.


The boards will assess your request and rank it together with other requests and new workshop proposals submitted in the same period. We will allocate weeks and resources to the highest-ranking proposals and requests. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all requests for new weeks can be accommodated. This way we hope to continue in hosting workshops that your colleagues in the boards find of the highest quality and urgency.


Looking forward to your application for a new date and hopefully seeing you at the Lorentz Center soon!



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