ICT with Industry: registration is open

From 17 to 21 January 2022, the Lorentz Center and NWO are organizing the ICT with Industry workshop. 

About fifty researchers from Dutch universities work closely together for a week on scientific challenges, which have been put forward by the participating organizations: RTL, KB, SIG, Axini and Philips.


The researchers will work intensively on the ICT challenges in various teams. In addition to working together on the issues, the aim of the workshop is to create a platform for computer science researchers and partner organizations. The workshop is expected to lead to a number of new publications and/or research initiatives and new research collaborations between computer science and industry.


Researchers who want to participate in the ICT with Industry workshop can register here. Deadline is 22 November.


Workshop participants are expected to be available during the workshop (5 days). Participation in the workshop is free.


Information about the Call for Participation can be found here.


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