Scientific Report





We organized the workshop titled "Deep IR studies of the distant Universe" on Feb 2-6, 2009. The meeting focussed on the evolution of galaxies from z=5 to z=0. The emphasis was on galaxies selected in the Near-Infrared, corresponding to the rest-frame optical. Such galaxy samples give a coherent view of the stellar mass in the universe at higher redshift, and are essential for a proper understanding of galaxy formation.


We had a total of 25 participants, from the Netherlands, Europe, and the USA. Various collaborative efforts brought the group together, and the meeting was crucial to obtain an overall view of the status of the field, but also of the specific projects that the participants worked on. The meeting was structured to have most presentations in the morning, with ample time for discussion in the afternoon. These discussions were often in small groups; but we also had plenary discussions concerning general topics, and the overall status of the field.


The participants included both theorists and observers. The confrontation of the observations with theoretical models is one of the most important aspects for the future, as the models improve with time.



The Lorentz Center is the perfect location for such workshops, as it provides ample office space and discussion rooms for the participants. Furthermore, thank to the open time in the afternoons, we could also do true work during the workshop, which led to significant results. Many papers were initiated during the workshop, or worked on.  The environment of the Lorentz Center, with the office space, discussion rooms, and presentation rooms is therefore crucial to the success of this meeting. The support of the staff was excellent, and we are very grateful for the support of the Lorentz Center.