The main idea of the workshop was to provide a review opportunity for the experts in the field of Majorana fermions. There are now several experimental papers claiming observation of these exotic, and active theoretical work to explain these is on the way.  The workshop brought together all of the experimental groups that have reported evidence of Majorana fermions and leading theorists working on the topic.


It has become clear that the current experiments, albeit promising, cannot yet serve as a certain evidence, and the main value of the workshop was to provide an active discussion of various more mundane  reasons for seeing same results as observed in experiments, which cannot be ruled out yet. This information will be critical in designing the next round of experiments. It was also important, that since Majorana fermions require utilization of semiconductors, superconductors and knowledge of topology, to provide knowledge exchange be- tween experts in different subfields.


The workshop was a great success, owing not only to a lucky timing—the end of the first round of experiments, but also to its format. Since the workshop was very focused, we have requested that speakers completely avoid any introduction, and jump to the subject.  Together with ample discussion time this allowed to keep the workshop intense and exciting.  Lorentz Center proved an ideal place for our event, with many participants praising the highly efficient way everything have been organized, and two researchers from Copenhagen wishing to update their local workshop center by essentially copying the Lorentz Center scheme.