Public events

To reach out to a broader public, the Lorentz Center organizes (online) public events.

We bring many scientists and scholars to the Netherlands. Of course, the main goal of their visit is to participate in a Lorentz Center workshop, but among these visitors there are also many talented science communicators who are willing to reach out to a broader public.

To enable this, the Lorentz Center organizes (online) public lectures together with with academic institutions and stakeholders outside the academic environment, such as  Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Leiden University Medical Center, the study association De Leidsche Flesch and Studium Generales throughout the Netherlands, 

Participants of our workshops are regularly invited to give a talk of broader interest in the weekly program 'This week's discoveries' of the faculty of Science of Leiden University.





Perspectives on Diversity, The Cultural Life of Absence

10 January 2016 @Oort

Jascha Blume, Douwe Draaisma, Vincent Bijlo

10 - 10 january 2016
Catchy Categories for the Celestial Emporium of Beneficial Knowledge

18 February 2016 @Public Lecture@Boerhaave

Michael Moortgat, Nachoem Wijnberg

18 - 18 february 2016
The good, the bad, and the calculable: the pro- and cons of terrorism risk analysis

26 May 2016 @

Quirine Eijkman, Detlof von Winterfeldt

26 - 26 may 2016
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