Integrative Developmental Biology 2021

- Online -

8 - 12 November 2021

Venue: Lorentz Center@Online

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Developmental biology has recently experienced a tremendous revival, due to its importance for regenerative medicine as well as powerful new methods. Progress is currently driven by recent breakthroughs in three areas: 1. the ability to quantify single-cell dynamics in embryos by novel microscopy and sequencing techniques, 2. the creation of synthetic developmental systems such as organoids and gastruloids, and 3. multiscale modeling approaches that combine biophysical and gene regulatory mechanisms. Integrating these innovations has the potential to provide a big leap forward in our understanding of development.

To achieve this goal, this workshop will bring together leading researchers across model systems and approaches and help them become aware of each other’s strengths. The central goal is to define new research questions that can only be addressed with input from all areas. Alternating between presentations and group discussions, the program is designed to stimulate new collaborations and crystallize a roadmap for integrative developmental biology.


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