Join the public lecture 'Vrouwen van Venus, mannen van Mars?' (in Dutch)

How much do the brains of men and women actually differ from each other? And does this also explain differences in the prevalence of psychiatric disorders and symptoms?

Marieke Bos* and Lara Wierenga** are researching this question and in their lecture they will tell you everything about what we currently know about the brains of men and women.


This scientific quest is not easy and the answers are not unequivocal. Male/female differences are sometimes oversimplified in science. This has harmful consequences, the researchers say. For example, depression in men is more often untreated than in women, and we know little about the effects of the menstrual cycle on stimulus processing. That's why it is important that we understand well which sex differences have a biological or a sociological cause. This requires a multidisciplinary view of this issue. With their research, the researchers hope to contribute to tailor-made diagnosis and treatment.


Date: 17 November

Location: Rijksmuseum Boerhaave


17.30 to 18.30: lecture
18.30 to 19.30: drinks


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* Lara Wierenga is neuroscience at Leiden University and author of the Atlas of our brain. Her research focuses on understanding differences in brain development in children and adolescents. And in her work she tries to find answers to the question why there are more boys than girls who develop ADHD and autism.

** Marieke Bos is Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology at Leiden University. Her research focuses on understanding why adolescence is a vulnerable period for the development of mental problems, such as social anxiety and depression.

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