PROGRAM: Third European Workshop on Time-dependent Methods in Gas Surface Dynamics, 26-28 September, Leiden.

Sunday 26 September:

19.00-22.00Reception and registration, with buffet
Monday 27 September:
9.00-9.30E.F. van Dishoeck: Gas surface processes in interstellar space.
9.30-10.00A. Al-Halabi: Penetration of ice by hyperthermal HCl.
10.00-10.30W. Schutte: Surface Chemistry of Interstellar Dust
11.00-11.30D. Lemoine: Eley-Rideal and hot atom reactions between hydrogen atoms on metals: quantum mechanical studies
11.30-12.00R.A. Olsen: The influence of molecular rotation on the direct subsurface dissociation of H2 on Pd(111)
12.00-12.30S. Briquez: Adsorption of H2 on NaCl
14.00-14.30A.W. Kleyn: Molecular interactions at the Ru(0001) surface
14.30-15.00E. Pijper: The effect of corrugation on diffractive and dissociative scattering of H2 from Pt(111)
15.00-15.30D. Lemoine: Atomic scattering from single adsorbates: what can we learn from the gas phase?
15.30-16.00tea break
16.00-16.30P. Saalfrank Quantum dynamics of atoms and molecules at nonrigid metal surfaces: Role of phonons and electron hole pairs.
16.30-17.00G.D. Billing: Dynamics of molecule-surface interactions.
17.00-17.30R. Kosloff: Different approaches for simulating dissipative dynamics on surfaces.
19.30 Conference dinner.
Tuesday 28 September:
9.00-9.30 G. Boendgen: DIET and DIMET from semiconductors and metals; Quantum dynamics models.
9.30-10.00 D.A. McCormack: Rotational dynamics of the dissociative adsorption of H2 on Cu(100)
10.00-10.30 R.C. Mowrey: Vibrational deexcitation of H2 on Cu(100)
10.30-11.00 coffee break
11.00-11.30 A. Gross: Ab initio based tight binding techniques
11.30-12.00 I. Ciobica: Methane activation on the Ru(0001) surface: a DFT study.
12.00-12.30 S. Anderson: Local propagating Gaussians
12.30-14.00 lunch
14.00-14.30 J. Zhang: SVRT model for quantum polyatom-surface reaction dynamics
14.30-15.00 H. Jonsson: A method for finding the mechanism of transitions from a given initial state using only first derivatives of energy
15.00-15.30Z. Wang: Extended symmetry-adapted DVR applied to H2 dissociation on Cu surfaces/td>
15.30-16.00tea break
16.00-16.30 J.P. Gauyacq: Wave packet study of the dynamics of resonant charge transfer processes
16.30-17.00 G.R. Darling: Wavepackets for ion scattering in the keV energy range
17.00-17.30 M. Persson: Vibrationally inelastic electron tunneling and bond breaking in the STM.
18.00 end workshop
tuesday evening: dinner on informal basis for those who are interested

Meeting places:

Sunday, buffet and registration: Van der Werff, Steenstraat 2, Leiden. Those of you coming from abroad will find instructions on how to get to van der Werff at their hotel. I expect that the participants from the Dutch Universities will be able to find the place by themselves (it's close to the train station).

Monday and Tuesday, scientific program: Lorentzcenter. Information on how to get to the Lorentzcenter and the campus on which this is located, from the train station as well as the hotel, can be found on the web at

Monday night, dinner, restaurant: instructions will be provided at the meeting.