Lorentz Center - The World a Jigsaw: Tessellations in the Sciences from 6 Mar 2006 through 10 Mar 2006
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    The World a Jigsaw:
    Tessellations in the Sciences

    from 6 Mar 2006 through 10 Mar 2006

Monday, March 6

Monday, March 6



09:00- 09:05                Rien van de Weygaert

09:05-09:15                 Martje Kruk (executive manager Lorentz Center)


Session 1

09:15-10:05                 Dietrich Stoyan

                                    Stochastic Geometry and Stereology: general introduction

10:05-10:45                 Jesper Møller

                                    Statistics and MCMC computation of Voronoi Tessellations


10:45-11:05                 Coffee


Session 2

11:05-11:45                 Simon Cox

                                    The physics of Foams

11:45-12:25                 Wolfhard Janke

                                    Quenched Connectivity Disorder:

                                    Spin Models on Random Lattices and Graphs



12:25-14:45                 Lunch & break


Session 3

14:45-15:35                 Jean-Daniel Boissonnat

                                    Constructing Affine and Curved Voronoi Diagrams

15:30-16:15                 Pierre Alliez

                                    CGAL: The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library


16:15-16:35                 Coffee & tea


Session 4

16:35-17:05                 Nico Kruithof

                                    Envelope surfaces                             

17:05-17:35                 Simon Plantinga

                                    Meshing with topological guarantees

17:35-18:05                 Jelle Ritzerveld

                                    Triangulating Radiation


18:15-19:00                 Wine and Cheese 



Tuesday, March 7


Session 5

09:00-09:50                 Herbert Edelsbunner

                                    Alpha Shapes

09:50-10:30                 Nina Amenta

                                    Visualization, surfaces and 3-D photography


10:30-10:50                 Coffee


Session 6

10:50-11:30                 Michael Meyer Hermann

                                    Biological shell growth/cancer cell detection

11:30-12:10                 Jie Liang



12:10-14:00                 Lunch & break


13:00-13:15                 Lorentz Center Highlights in the series This week’s discoveries

                                    Herbert Edelsbrunner: Interface surfaces of molecular


                                    Venue: De Sitterzaal, Ground floor of the Oort Building


Session 7

14:00-14:50                 Alex Szalay/Miguel Aragón-Calvo

                                    Astronomical Databases and  Patterns in

                                    The Galaxy Distribution          

14:50-15:30                 Sergei Shandarin

                                    SURFGEN: excursion set analysis of cosmic density



15:30-15:50                 Coffee & tea


Session 8

15:50-16:30                 Willem Schaap

                                    The Delauney Tessellation Field Estimator

16:30-17:00                 Erwin Platen

                                    Detecting Cosmic Voids through Watersheds



20:00-21:00                 Evening Lecture by Jan van de Craats

                                    Islamic tessellations, patterns and ornaments

Venue: room 028, Leiden University Lipsius Building (building 1175), Cleveringaplaats 1


Wednesday, March 8


Session 9

09:00-09:50                 Peter Kramer

                                    Quasicrystals: Dual Voronoi and Delone cells on manifolds

                                    organize quasiperiodic tilings and topological order

09:50-10:30                 Uwe Grimm

                                    Planar Aperiodic Tilings


10:30-10:50                 Coffee


Session 10

10:50-11:30                 Tamal Dey

                                    Delaunay Meshing of Surfaces for Different Input Forms

11:30-12:10                 Dirk Siersma

                                    Voronoi-Power Diagrams and Morse Theory of the distance function



12:10-14:30                 Lunch & break


Session 11

14:30-15:10                 Warner Miller

                                    General Relativity and Regge Calculus

15:10-16:00                 Renate Loll

                                    Triangulations & Causal Quantum Gravity


16:00-16:20                 Coffee and tea


Session 12

16:20-17:00                 Jean-Pierre Luminet

                                    The Shape and Topology of the Universe

17:00-17:40                 Vicent Martίnez

                                    Measuring morphology and detecting filaments in the cosmic texture

Thursday, March 9


Session 13

09:00-09:50                 Malcolm Sambridge

                                    Voronoi  and Delaunay Tessellations in Geophysics

09:50-10:30                 Natarajan Sukumar

                                    Natural Neighbors and Voronoi Tessellations in  Computational

                                    Solid Mechanics


10:30-10:50                 Coffee


Session 14

10:50-11:30                 Christian Marinoni

                                    Cluster detection through Voronoi tessellations

11:30-12:10                 Michele Cappellari

                                    Spatial binning of two-dimensional astronomical data using

                                    Voronoi tessellations


12:10-14:00                 Lunch & break


Session 15

14:00-14:50                 Peter Coveney

                                    Fluid Dynamics: From Micro to Macro via the Voronoi Tessellation

14:50-15:30                 Pep Español

                                    Voronoi fluid particles


15:30-15:50                 Coffee & tea


Session 16

15:50-16:30                 David Cohen-Steiner

                                    Topological Persistence

16:30-17:10                 Frédéric Chazal

                                    Stability issues in topological computations on noisy data



18:15-23:00                 Escher Museum & Conference Dinner, The Hague

17:30-18:30                 busride Leiden-The Hague

18:30-20:00                 Guided tour Escher Museum

20:00-20:20                 busride to Scheveningen Pier 

20:30-23:00                 Conference Dinner on Scheveningen Pier

23:00                           busride back to the Bastion Hotel

                                    (incl. brief stop at the Lorentz Center)



Friday, March 10


Session 17

09:00-09:50                 Christopher Gold

                                    Applications of Tessellations in GIS

09:50-10:30                 Bartek Blaszczyszyn

                                    Tessellations in Communication Networks: Voronoi

                                    and beyond it


10:30-10:50                 Coffee


Session 18

10:50-11:30                 Bruce Shapiro

                                    Modeling the Growing Plant   

11:30-12:10                 Frederic Leymarie

                                    Morpholingua: Shape language and its application to Archaeology

                                    and beyond 3-D shapes, computational geometry & archaeology


12:10-14:30                 Lunch & break


Session 19

14:30-15:00                 Rien van de Weygaert

                                    Voronoi Clustering Models

15:00-15:40                 Itai Arad

                                    Using the Delaunay tessellation to compute the 6D phase-space

                                    structure of dark-matter haloes


15:40-16:00                 Coffee & tea


Session 20 – Conference Summary

16:00-16:50                 Bernard Jones

                                    Impressions & Prospects for a Jigsaw Puzzle

16:50-17:00                 Gert Vegter