Lorentz Center - Mining patterns and subgroups from 16 Nov 2010 through 19 Nov 2010
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    Mining patterns and subgroups
    from 16 Nov 2010 through 19 Nov 2010


Pattern mining and subgroup discovery are both very important paradigms in Data Mining, and in this workshop we intend to bring together leading researchers from these two branches. Although individual researchers typically work in only a single branch, there is considerable overlap between the two. The aim of the workshop is to leverage these commonalities and advance the field by streamlining future developments. One of the intended outcomes is a roadmap of important research directions that the community agrees upon, but more important is to bring together the two communities and offer the opportunity to collaborate.

MPS 2010 will be a real workshop not a small conference. That is, expect not only plenary talks and posters, but also interaction, discussion and other ways that allow you to actively participate. Selected topics will be discussed in smaller groups, there will be room to demonstrate your software and datasets, there will be time for informal discussions with other participants, and the social events offer the perfect opportunity to get to know your colleagues.

You are encouraged to suggest topics that you think should be discussed during the workshop. We already have some topics in mind. To give you a glimpse:

-         Complex data

-         Heuristic search strategies

-         Useful patterns

-         Scalability

-         Validation & evaluation

Looking forward to meeting you in Leiden!