Lorentz Center - Computing in Secondary Education from 15 Sep 2014 through 19 Sep 2014
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    Computing in Secondary Education
    from 15 Sep 2014 through 19 Sep 2014


Aim and Description: Computing in Dutch Secondary Education


According to many experts, notably the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, secondary education on informatics and digital literacy urgently needs thorough improvement. The workshop intends to develop a contemporary design for the discipline, following and learning from similar efforts in other countries.


During the workshop we will explore curriculum content and pedagogical approaches, addressing both digital literacy (e.g., computational thinking) and more advanced topics (e.g., programming, cognitive computing, data science).


The workshop will consist of plenary sessions and working groups during the week, with the ultimate aim to arrive at concrete recommendations that could guide the further development of the subjects in Dutch secondary education, as well as plans for scientific research supporting this development.


Invited Speakers


·         Valentina Dagienė (Vilnius university, Lithuania)

·         Gilles Dowek (Inria, France)

·         Judith Gal-Ezer (The Open University of Israel, Israel)                  

·         Ajit Jaokar (Futuretext, UK) 

·         Bern Martens (KU Leuven, Belgium)

·         Simon Peyton Jones (Microsoft, UK)

·         Ralf Romeike (FAU, Germany)

·         Chris Stephenson (Google, USA)    

·         Jan Vahrenhold (WWU Münster, Germany)