Lorentz Center - ICT with Industry from 7 Dec 2015 through 11 Dec 2015
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    ICT with Industry
    from 7 Dec 2015 through 11 Dec 2015


Description and aim


Industrial partners are seeking accelerated innovation, where complex issues in ICT or ICT-driven business can find a solution, and where new expertise in emerging ICT and ICT-related topics can be developed. Dutch ICT researchers can already offer significant knowledge and expertise in providing rapid and creative solutions to many challenging problems, and are often at the forefront of the state-of-the-art in ICT and ICT-related applications. The workshop aims to join scientists and industrial partners in co-innovation. Co-innovation needs business flexibility and out-of-the-box scientific advances, but promises to deliver accelerated innovation and identification of new industry-science collaborations.


The workshop strives for direct and rapid interaction between the ICT researchers and Industrial partners. It has the following objectives:

         bring ICT researchers in contact with industrial R&D challenging problems and emerging technologies are identified and analyzed by mixed teams;

         obtain creative solutions for challenging industrial problems and/or to find new approaches, which could lead to such solutions;

         give insights into the wide range of possibilities ICT research offers (primarily to industry, but also to the general public), and enable accelerated innovation.